How to Make Strong Scented Candles: Creating Powerful Candle Scents

Making strong scented candles is achievable by using a high concentration of fragrance oil in the melted wax before pouring it into the container. However, it’s crucial to use the recommended fragrance load to avoid any performance issues. Allowing the candles to cure for several days can also help to enhance the scent throw. Additionally, consider using a fragrance enhancer, such as candle-safe sprays or beads, to make your candles smell even more potent.

Candles make a great addition to any home, adding warmth and ambience. But sometimes the scent of candles can be weak or too subtle for our liking.

If you want stronger scented candles in your home, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure they have more powerful fragrance.

In this article, we’ll discuss how using a high concentration of fragrance oil and allowing the candles to cure for several days will give them an intense aroma.

So if you’re looking for some beautiful, highly fragranced candles that will fill your house with their wonderful smell – read on!

Choosing The Right Wax

When making strong scented candles, it’s important to choose the right wax. Soy and beeswax are two of the most popular options as they provide a great scent retention when burned correctly. Paraffin is also an option but doesn’t retain its scent for long.

When burning any type of candle, make sure to do so in open areas with plenty of ventilation – this will help ensure that you get maximum scent out of your candle. Additionally, try not to burn them for too long at once; 5-7 hours per burn should be ideal for achieving optimal scent retention.

Knowing how much fragrance oil to use is essential for creating a strongly scented candle that won’t overpower or give off a chemical smell. The amount used will depend on what kind of wax you’re using and the desired strength of your candle’s aroma, however generally between 1–3% by weight is recommended. This percentage can change depending on other factors such as if additives like dyes have been used in the mix.

To accurately measure out the fragrance oil needed, having a kitchen scale handy can come in very useful.

With careful consideration given to both choosing the right wax and measuring out the required amount of fragrance oil, you’ll be well on your way towards creating beautiful and strongly scented candles that will last longer than those made without proper care and attention.

Now onto measuring out the fragrance oil…

Measuring The Fragrance Oil

Creating the perfect scented candle is a complex process, but one of the most important steps is measuring out the fragrance oil.

The type and amount of fragrance oil used will have a huge impact on how strong your candles smell when lit.

Getting this step right can make all the difference in crafting an intensely fragrant experience for your customers or loved ones!

When it comes to mixing ratios, there are some general guidelines that you should follow depending on what types of fragrance oils you’re using.

For example, essential oils usually require more drops per ounce than synthetic fragrances do since they evaporate quickly once heated.

It’s also important to note that if you use too much scent, it could even cause wax discoloration and potentially ruin your entire batch!

To ensure success with your candle-making project, start by doing research into the different types of oils available and their recommended usage rates — then carefully measure each ingredient according to its instructions before adding them together.

With proper preparation and attention to detail, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful candles with an intense aroma!

After mastering these basics about measuring fragrance oil for candles, it’s time to move onto preparing your candle containers.

Preparing Your Candle Containers

When making strong scented candles, it’s important to choose the right containers for your wax. Decorative tins or jars are great options as they can be reused and come in a variety of colors. For an even more personalized look, you can use mason jars with labels that showcase your own unique style!

When selecting wax colors, think about how they will work together with the container and fragrance oil to create a harmonious overall look. If you want something bolder, try combining two different shades of wax and experiment with swirling patterns.

Now it’s time to pour and wicking the candle so that their scent is released into the air when lit! This involves melting the wax at a low temperature then pouring it carefully into each container before adding a pre-tabbed wick. Once all of the containers have been filled up, leave them to cool for several hours until the wax has solidified completely.

After this step is done, let the candles cure for several days so that their scent becomes stronger – then enjoy! With these tips in mind, creating beautiful and strongly scented candles shouldn’t be too difficult. Moving on…

Pouring And Wicking The Candle

Once your candle containers are ready, it’s time to start pouring and wicking the candles.

To begin, you’ll need a pot or double boiler for melting wax. It is important to use only molding grade wax; this type of wax has already been blended with additives that allow it to hold fragrance oil while still remaining soft and pliable when melted.

When selecting the scent blend for your candle, be sure to choose a high concentration of fragrance oil so that the end product will have a strong scent. You can also mix multiple scents together in order to create something unique.

To pour the candle, fill the container about two-thirds full with melted wax – make sure not to overfill! Next insert a prewaxed wick into each container and anchor it at the bottom by pressing down lightly on its tab base.

Once all of your candles have been poured and wicked, set them aside until they cool completely before moving onto the next step: curing the candle.

Curing The Candle

Curing a candle is an essential step in the process to make it strongly scented. It’s like when you have something new and shiny, but it doesn’t do much until you put time into making sure it works properly.

To think of wax candles as no different than any other item that needs curing for optimal performance can be helpful. There are two main scenting techniques used to achieve a stronger fragrance: using high-concentration fragrance oil or adjusting the burn time of the candle. Both require patience; adding too much oil or burning for too long at once can cause uneven melting and discoloration, so taking your time is key.

To get started with either method, begin by setting aside several days to cure the candles. This will allow the fragrances to fully permeate throughout the wax while keeping its color consistent throughout.

Afterward, adjust the level of fragrance oil if necessary or shorten/lengthen burn times depending on what kind of scent strength you’re going for. Doing these small adjustments over multiple sessions will help you reach your desired result without sacrificing quality control along the way.

Troubleshooting And Tips

When making strong scented candles, it is important to use a high concentration of fragrance oil. However, if the melting point is too low, this can cause problems such as discoloration or poor scent throw. To prevent these issues from occurring, you may need to experiment with different waxes and fragrances until you find one that works best for your candle-making needs.

In addition, be sure to allow your candles plenty of time to cure. The curing process helps ensure that all the ingredients have fully blended together and will provide the strongest possible scent strength when lit.

If you are still having trouble getting the desired scent throw after allowing your candles enough time to cure, consider increasing the amount of fragrance oil used in each batch. This should help give your candles a stronger aroma.

Lastly, make sure that you are using appropriate containers for your candle-making project. Depending on how hot or cold the room temperature is, certain types of glassware may not be suitable for containing melted wax at higher temperatures without cracking or breaking apart.


The scent of a candle can be the most important item when it comes to making your home feel inviting and cozy. With just a few simple steps, you can make candles with an aroma that will fill your home with a warm and pleasant fragrance.

But don’t forget the final step: curing! Allowing your candles to cure for several days is key in ensuring they are strongly scented. It’s worth taking the time to do this correctly as it ensures that your beloved candles will have the strongest possible aroma.

Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you’ll never go back to store bought candles again!